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A company's grey fleet identifies the number of employees'personal vehicles been employed for the business's business journeys. Fleet management involves putting together steps, procedures and policies to manage and regulate the usage of employees'vehicles for work related travels.

All the Firms that set up this sort of fleet are those whose employees do not want to be on plenty of business related trips. Grey fleet is viewed by most as a price saving alternative to purchasing or renting cars simply for the business's business related trips especially when the mileage travelled by employees for business each month or year is extremely low. For several of those companies, this is the approach to take but also for some it isn't. There are numerous factors that should be considered before deciding to select the grey fleet option instead of purchasing or leasing a few cars for business related trips. If the grey fleet is properly set up and managed it can definitely cost the business much less than other options. vehicle tracking

Most individuals are of the opinion that managing a gray fleet only costs an organization the mileage expense claims created by drivers for each and every journey they make and that employers aren't in charge of the employees when they are employing their private cars for business. They are huge misconceptions as the business generally is not just in charge of the employees when they are employing their personal cars but generally have to put these employees'cars on the business's insurance and manage them like the business owns them.

A grey fleet manager or management software might be necessary depending on the size of the fleet. If it is a small-sized fleet, a fleet manager who'll result in managing everything related to the fleet might be enough as generally good use of Microsoft excel will do for managing all grey fleet related data. Where the fleet is a large one, a fleet management software will soon be required to manage every one of data related to employees'vehicles. There are some major factors that ought to be consider when deciding whether your company should set up this sort of fleet.

Initial thing you will need to consider is how your company intends to manage the grey fleet, Policies must be put in place to make certain both the driver and the business's safety and compliance to road rules. This can be done by ensuring license checks, vision checks, driver risk assessment, online driver training, vehicle safety inspections, MOT checks and insurance checks are regularly carried out on all drivers and their vehicles. gps tracking system

Carry out research about what alternatives your company has asides establishing a gray fleet by comparing the price, risks and benefits of establishing a gray fleet instead of purchasing, hiring or leasing vehicles solely for company use. Also there is a need certainly to check if employees'vehicles are suited for the sort of journey that they can be utilized for.

Discover when there is an alternative solution way for the employee to close that deal or have that very important meeting without going on a small business trip. Discouraging needless business trips might help your company save some money. A lot of organizations now use video conferencing applications to possess meetings with their business partners rather than travelling.

The organization will need to consider Health and safety risks to its employees that are also the grey fleet drivers. Duty of care compliance rules which all fleet drivers will need to adhere to must be set up. Also the business will need to be keeping track of and managing the CO2 emission of the vehicles within their grey fleet.

In summary, grey fleet has its benefits if policies and rules come in place for it to be properly managed. If your company is considering one, weigh your alternatives and if it is apparently the most effective one then select it.